Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tuesday April 28

Good morning boys and girls! We have a ZOOM meeting tomorrow at 1:00pm! I can't wait to see ALL of you! Have some CRAZY hair and be ready for our scavenger hunt!

I am going to change it up RIGHT now :-) For the rest of the year! I will have the math up for the day and have them write in their journal each day! For the poem from yesterday, have them draw the picture to go with it today, and that will be the end of the poems!

I will STILL post the Science and Social Studies Enrichment if it is something you would like to do!

I am here for the students, I want them to enjoy this extra time with you! I want them to love this summer because the end of their year really stunk!

I ALSO took off Seesaw! On Monday's an art project will pop up for the week! They have 1 week to do it (for fun of course!) .

End of Year ABC countdown! 

Amazon.com: Rainbow Alphabet Letter E Patch Kids Learning School ... --Exercise Day! Try out a new exercise routine! (Check out Cosmic Yoga!)


We will continue to work on telling time to the hour and half hour! Pages 209-210 in green book!

Social Studies:

Choose one item to look up that you did not do last week!